Tenant Sustainability Guide & Checklist


Below you will find the link to Union Tower West’s Sustainability Guide and Checklist.

By following these guidelines, many businesses have found that reducing the amount of solid waste and conserving natural resources, such as energy and water, can result in cost savings and improve the work environment, thereby increasing employee retention rates and enhancing worker productivity and satisfaction.

We encourage tenants to use these resources to create awareness and set “green” goals for your office. JLL appreciates your support and effort as we strive to achieve the building’s sustainability goals.

2019 Tenant Sustainability Checklist

2019 Tenant Sustainability Guide


Tenant Health & Wellness

Health and well-being is an important component of sustainability. Since buildings influence the health and productivity of their occupants, the relationship between people and buildings is vital. We have put together lists of local health & wellness amenities nearby to Union Tower West for your benefit.

Local Parks

  • Speer Blvd Park
  • Commons Park
  • City of Cuernaca Park
  • Confluence Park



  • Denver Health
  • Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Saint Joseph Hospital

Wellness Centers

  • LoDo Wellness Center
  • Colorado Health & Wellness Center
  • Highlands Wellness Center

EV Station Locations

  • 1820 15th Street
  • 1555 Blake Street
  • 1770 Chestnut Place